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New Group Classes - ArrowPilates

This blog is not again about my amazing new studio although I will use it as an intro to tell more about some exciting developments for 2019.

Having a dedicated studio space for my clients was always part of the bigger ArrowPilates plan. So, here we are. Nordic inspired design, although you could also say 'Alpine-inspired', with industrial dark coloured equipment and matt black accents. A work-out space not a lounge with scented candles. First responses after a Taster Session were positive; I will probably make some tweaks along the way.

All in one space

Until I opened my studio I offered a few group classes per week in a local community room. The space was far from ideal and I could only teach mat classes but it worked for nearly 3 years. Now with the new space I can bring the group classes into my own studio and join them with the private sessions.

In the past few weeks I have been working on a class schedule and, more interesting, design new classes. It is quite common to see mainly mat classes in fitness centres and private sessions in home studios. So jumping straight into the most obvious gap in the Queenstown market I will be offering classes not on offer anywhere in this area.

In addition to mat classes, albeit on high mats specially designed for Pilates work - not on thin yoga mats - clients can also expect tower classes, barrels + springs and Pilates studio work. After all, Pilates is so much more than just mat work. And if you have no idea what kind of classes I am talking about, all will be revealed when I relaunch my website.

Booking as you go

Using technology to make the client journey easier and better is a given in any business. I have been using two systems over the years and I am about to change again. The current one is moving into a direction that doesn't suit me anymore and with more classes on offer I need a robust easy-to-use piece of technology.

In the coming quieter weeks I will set up the new system and transfer all data - with care - to the new software. All current packages will be transferred as well and stay valid. It will be much easier to check the status of your package, ie. how many sessions you have left. The new software also offers an app so you can book a session not having to leave your smartphone or tablet.

For me as a business owner the new software package offers many more insights in the background. Obviously I want to know as much as possible but I prefer not to do things by hand. All existing clients will be communicated about the upgraded booking system by mid January and new clients will experience a great customer experience from the moment they encounter ArrowPilates.


Even though Pilates is and will be the core of my business I am considering offering multiple hour workshops in collaboration with other - or related - health professionals. It could be theme based, for example the shoulder girdle, or issue based, which could be about back pain. And of course I will add more ArrowPilates Escapes to my repertoire, potentially multiple days events.

Exciting times ahead!


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Marco Dingemans is a qualified Classical Pilates instructor and Studio Director of ArrowPilates


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