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Wunda Chair _ Pull Ups

The Authentic Pilates Method (also known as ‘Contrology’) and pilates equipment will strengthen and tone the entire body. The method describes corrective exercises that will emphasise the core muscles, otherwise known as the ‘powerhouse'. These are primarily the abdominals, inner thighs, and glutes to support the back - as well as spinal and muscular flexibility. The movements are flowing, precise and challenging, and build a ‘mind-body-spirit' connection that translates into one’s daily activities and improves quality of life.

Joseph Pilates intended his system to work holistically, with each piece of apparatus complementing the others. Just as working on Mat exercises improves your ability on the Reformer, working on the Wunda Chair will up your Reformer game. The connections between the exercises, even across apparatuses, are there if you look for them or we will point them out to you. And the more skilled you become at finding these echoes or patterns, the more you will begin to squeeze the juice out of each exercise.

Going up front - High Chair
Teaser Twist - Wunda Chair

The bulk of the Contrology workout is done on the Universal Reformer or mat. Students then move on to other pilates equipment and work on specific body challenges or address certain issues. The Cadillac focusses on spinal flexibility and full body alignment, and is used for gymnastic-type moves. Clients also work out on The Barrels, which are primarily used for spinal flexibility and extension. The Chairs in the studio will be used for stabilisation and rehabilitation (High Chair), arms and deep connection into the powerhouse (Arm Chair) and the star of the studio, the Wunda Chair which is also known as the mini-mat since you can do a full body workout supported by springs on a tiny surface.

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