Private Sessions


All eyes on you. This is by far the best way to learn and do Pilates. The studio and all its equipment is your workout space. Your teacher will guide, support and encourage you to go a step further, to deepen the work and challenge your mind.


Private sessions can be taken as 1 : 1 or 1 : 2. A duet session which means you will share the teacher with a buddy, partner or neighbour. Both type of sessions can be booked in around your time schedule. When you book a duet session, make sure you come together; otherwise you will be charged as a private session.

Private Session | Ladder Barrel

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Think you know 'Reformer'? Think again when you go on the real deal. The Universal Reformer, with its spring-based resistance and extensive range of movements, combines a strict order of exercises to bring you to a new level of Pilates practice. It is hard work but oh so delicious. Maximum of 4 clients.

Please choose for private sessions if you require rehabilitation services.

Group Classes _ Reformer

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If you want to up your Pilates game, this is your class. We are using several springs and bars attached to a mat-based wall-unit to make your body work in all directions. A class that is unique in Queenstown and is becoming more and more popular. Maximum of 5 clients.


Please choose for private sessions if you require rehabilitation services.​

Tower Class

Equipment Classes



Beginners | Tower & Reformer

When you feel sore, stiff and wonderful, Pilates is an excellent movement method for you. We are taking you through the Reformer or Tower exercises at a slower pace focussing on balance, good form and stretch. It is also a good class if you need rehabilitation but still want to join a small group. Maximum of 4 clients.

Sore, Stiff, Wobbly

Semi Private

“A man is as young as his spinal column.”


Joseph Pilates