Contrology is defined as 'complete coordination of body, mind and spirit'. The original name Joseph Pilates called his method.





Gymnasium is a ‘building or room equipped for gymnastics, games and other physical activities’. Joseph Pilates named his New York studio a body conditioning gym which is the abbreviation of Gymnasium.

Contrology Gymnasium is dedicated to the traditional Pilates Method. We offer our clients a bespoke workout designed to create a better - functioning - body, using classical Pilates apparatus by Gratz and Pilates Designs. 

Our studio is fully equipped with Universal Reformers, but also Barrels, Chairs, a Cadillac and smaller foot & hand equipment because we teach Pilates as a system. And to be honest, doing Pilates on only one piece is just plain boring.


At the Contrology Gymnasium we are all about quality and safety so we keep it small in our equipment classes - 4 clients max. We help clients with back pain, weak cores and lack of flexibility. The original method is also excellent for athletes helping them to stay in perfect shape.


We are a proud LGTBTQ+ studio and cater for all bodies, ages and abilities. Crop tops and the latest active wear are not compulsory here. 


Our premium body conditioning gym is located in Frankton, the commercial heart of Queenstown. With free parking it is easily accessible from all directions of the Queenstown Lakes District.

Tower Class _ Roll Back

Pilates will

Lengthen and strengthen muscles without building bulk

Tone the whole body with use of light weights and spring resistance

Increase flexibility, coordination, circulation and overall health

Increase range of motion


Promote relaxation and well-being



Great studio, equipment and instruction from Marco.


Was great to get a proper pilates session with Marco. No fads, just good technique and a hands-on approach. You don't feel like you working hard, but the next day tells a very different story! Marco is excellent.


Yesterday I turned up for Pilates in quite a lot of discomfort and pain. Marco very gently took me through a series of exercises that helped to articulate my spine . Today I am a little sore but moving freely and in no pain. Seeing Marco is an essential part of keeping my back healthy and of my overall wellbeing routine.



Unit 23, 193 Glenda Drive

Frankton | Queenstown | New Zealand

027 4505695


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