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Contrology Gymnasium in Arrowtown is dedicated to the Pilates Method. We offer our clients a bespoke workout designed to create a better - functioning - body.

Our boutique studio is fully equipped with a Universal Reformer, Barrels, Chairs, a Cadillac and smaller foot & hand equipment, made by Gratz and Pilates Designs.


At the Contrology Gymnasium we offer private and semi-private sessions and help clients with back pain, weak cores and lack of flexibility. The original method is also excellent for athletes helping them to stay in perfect shape.


We are a proud LGTBTQ+ studio and cater for all bodies, ages and abilities. 


Our premium body conditioning gym is located in Arrowtown, the most beautiful town in New Zealand. We can't wait to meet you there.

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Contrology Gymnasium - Spring

Pilates will

Lengthen and strengthen muscles without building bulk

Tone the whole body with use of light weights and spring resistance

Increase flexibility, coordination, circulation and overall health

Increase range of motion


Promote relaxation and well-being


22B Daveys Place

Arrowtown | New Zealand

027 4505695

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Monday - Friday

By appointment only

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