Becoming a pilates teacher in the authentic method means you will have to learn the original exercises, in the original order on all apparatus on all levels. ArrowPilates is one of the few studios in the South Island where you can train to become such a highly sought-after teacher.


We use classical equipment custom built in New York City and Sweden which, in combination with our teaching background and continuous education workshops, deliver results for our clients. All the ingredients are here for you to become a great practitioner of the work yourself.

Teacher Training Program

Offered by Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI) and taught by Katie Agnew, Principal APENZ teacher trainer from Authentic Pilates and Physiotherapy in Auckland. The APEI program is one of the best teacher training programs in the world for authentic pilates.

ArrowPilates is proud to be one of the few approved training studios in New Zealand for the APEI program. There is no other studio in the southern part of the South Island of New Zealand with this accreditation. Marco will be your mentor in the studio in Queenstown and will help you to be the best teacher you can be.

Please note, you will sign up with APEI for the training and its their decision how you will move through the program.

Teacher Workshops

ArrowPilates will be offering workshops aimed at certified Pilates teachers throughout the year.

Teachers from New Zealand and where possible other countries will be invited to present and share their knowledge.